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“Moonlight In Vermont”...

Like the nostalgic croon or a West Crescent moon, we’re helping shine some light on what was once in the dark: cannabis in the United States. As Vermonters, our efforts to shine this light will always put social justice, common sense, and love at the center. Feel free to partake in our cannabis, but more importantly, feel free to partake in these efforts many are already undertaking.

Fed by a mountain spring, carefully hand-harvested

Unlike most cannabis companies today, our plants grow on one acre, are fed with fresh water from a mountain spring, and cared for individually the same way cannabis cares for us. Our crop is sungrown, hand harvested, dried and cured in our climate controlled hayloft, packaged at the farm and sent to your door.


We strive to use agricultural practices which have a lasting, regenerative, and positive impact on our local ecosystem in West Brookfield, VT.


Using regenerative agriculture practices builds healthy, rich topsoil in abundance which aids in achieving a healthy environment on the farm.


Building soil and diversifying the farm with nitrogen-fixing crops, trees, and bushes sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.

The Goods

Single Strain Cannabis Tincture

A single strain "liquid flower" tincture made with CBD forward cannabis sativa, grown and harvested by hand on a hillside in Vermont. We made this tincture using the closed loop cold ethanol extraction method, a gentler practice which preserves the plant's unique terpene profile, making this a truly full spectrum cannabis potion.

Strain: Cherry Blossom, 15% CBD, .1% THC


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Cannabis Infused Body Salve

A soothing, aromatic body salve made with CBD rich cannabis sativa grown on a hillside in Vermont. Made with beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, lemongrass oil, sage oil. Great for cold weather care of hands and face, excellent as a ritual before bed or after a workout.


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Made in Vermont.

Our team is equal parts native Vermonters, vagabond artists, farm punks, Ivy League escapees, polymaths, musicians and all the beautiful third-culture-kids looking for work and purpose in America. Our work here is pure love, our time is spent having fun, and the outcomes are vivacious, helpful, and new.