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An old farm for a new world.

Formerly a failing dairy farm, what remains here is a palpable opportunity. West Crescent Farm is playing a small part in a nationwide agricultural renaissance. Our farm’s mission is direct: to create total access to the cannabis plant, enhance local food systems, and offer experiences which have the capacity to teach, inspire and heal. Our view is that holistic health can include cannabis, and a farm is what you ask it to be.

Developing terroir in Vermont.

West Crescent Farm is among the first to discover, develop, and distribute the aromas, effects, and stories unique to cannabis in Vermont. While we continue to participate in growing our cannabis as people, the total ecosystem of our farm carries the greatest impact on the end result. How do we insure a healthy ecosystem and build diversity? How can we create immersive experiences for our patrons to relate to? We invite you to come and ask some of these questions with us! The scene is already lit - you just have to show up.


West Crescent Farm believes that creative local economics and the thoughtful regeneration of American landscapes will lead to an agriculture which sequesters carbon as a byproduct, rather than creates more of it. We strive to incentivize and practice regenerative techniques in everything we do, farming or otherwise.